Aims and Scope of Salt and Seawater Science & Technology (SSS&T)

Salt and Seawater Science & Technology (SSS&T) is an international and interdisciplinary scientific journal published by the Society of Sea Water Science, Japan (SWSJ). This journal provides an advanced forum for salt and seawater science and technology in all areas related to resource utilization science, environmental science, and life science from a perspective of seawater science. It publishes original paper, short paper, note and review. Salt and Seawater Science & Technology (SSS&T) accepts papers with novelty and value in fields related to seawater sciences and technologies including science, engineering, agriculture, fisheries, and food science, ranging fundamental principles to practical applications. This journal is available online at the new J-STAGE platform.

The scope of Salt and Seawater Science & Technology (SSS&T) encompasses the following research areas but is not limited to:

  • Membrane Separation: desalination; seawater reverse osmosis; membrane filtration.
  • Electrodialysis: anion exchange membrane; cation exchange membrane; diffusion coefficient.
  • Salt / salt crystallization: evaporation crystallization; sodium chloride; magnesium hydroxide.
  • Corrosion / anticorrosion: electrochemical method; steel corrosion.
  • Analytical chemistry: ion chromatography; spectrophotometry; in-situ analysis.
  • Environment / Resources / Biological resources: bioconcentration; water quality; marine pollution.
  • Environment Conservation: biodegrability; water treatment.
  • Fisheries science; biochemistry; aquaculture.
  • Food: salt; saltiness; rheology; seasoning; food constituent.